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Basecode By: Siti Syuhadah
Edit By: AzuNyan
Re-Edited By: Me
Thanks To : C U T E

skinny baby - beast ft. A pink

orait !
kawan2 huda cakap  tak suke lagu ni .
sory syg .. C:

yeh . i'm saying about this song .
i think this song ok .
not bad la .
bole tahan lagi .
muke dongwoon pon makin cun . hehe .

one more thing .
bile huda bace some comment kat bwah video ni .
ade la yg ckp yoseob makin HOT .
memey la .
rse  cm dye da brubah ,. haha .
dh tak mcm budak2 lagi .
haha .
i think lebey better dye jady fake maknae dari jady HOt . hehe .