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it's about me x)

anneyeong !

heyy ! korg , korg ! know what ? huda masok SOFTBALL ... kyaaa~ xDD abah huda coach . thats why huda join skali . 

time first-2 , 

hishh , malas lah aku nak join . nnty kalah lagi . 
bile dh hari-2 nengok dorg buat latihan rase mcm best jugak . hehe . nengok-2 pulak still ramai yg belom pandai main . ngee .

dorg pn ade 'saiko' huda . antaranya dorg ckp mcm ni
haii~ ANAK COACH tk nk join ke ? nama je anak coach . *gelak ramai* ==.
 DAMN IT ! ==. jgn la ckp mcm tuh . kecik hati ANAK COACH xDD
for this game , huda akan jadi PITCHER and also RUNNER . PLEASE~~~~ pray for us okayy .
glory , glory penggawa barat ! xDD

madah --.

WOMAN are strong . they are like superwoman , thats me !

i'll keep watching you . i'll keep waiting for you . sometimes i thought that i have waste my time for waiting for you
time still chasing ang chasing you untill you die
my heart pimps all time when watching you with other girl

credit to tumblr and also .  ♥ love both
 ♥ mr. woonie , mr. olympus , faizal tahir wannabe and also my new love